[Actualizaciones] Ad-Aware SE1R59 02.08.2005

02/08/2005 - 18:19 por Alezito [MS MVP] | Informe spam
=Definition file Notification - Lavasoft News
=SE1R59 02.08.2005

New Definitions:

Updated Definitions:

Removed Definitions
=Advanced Searchbar

The MD5 checksum for the defs.ref file is fe94a00cc7d463fe7c3ec96e5277b76c

Additional Information
=You can use Webupdate to install the new reference file, or download it
manually from:

If you think something needs to be sent to us for review, visit our
submission site at:

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Thanks to everybody who submitted us files for evaluation!

The Lavasoft Research & Development Team


Alejandro Curquejo
Microsoft MVP Windows

Microsoft TechNet
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#1 Waldin
02/08/2005 - 19:04 | Informe spam

Que curioso: El programa detecta que está disponible la actualización del
02/08, sin embargo me instala la 28/07 que ya tengo instalada... Lo
intentaré más tarde

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