Blocking threats from USB storage device

21/07/2007 - 04:33 por zhengshareware | Informe spam
USB storage devices have gained popularity nowadays. However, they are
always host to viruses, Trojans, hacker toolkits, worms and other
kinds of malicious programs. For example, when you plug your USB disk
into a computer that is infected by viruses, these viruses will enter
into your USB disk by creating a file named AUTORUN.INF and malicious
programs on the disk. After that, when you use the USB disk in another
computer, the one will be at risk. Threats from USB storage devices to
computers have been a huge security risk for businesses and
individuals. So, how should we protect against threats from USB
storage devices? Well, here are some suggestions.
1. Disable AUTORUN in the registry and remove the AUTORUN.INF file
manually. The AUTORUN.INF file is a text file located in the root
directory. It enables malicious programs to automatically run when the
USB storage device is plugged into a computer. Therefore, many
instructions online suggest you to disable AUTORUN in the registry and
delete the AUTORUN.INF file and the malicious programs manually. But
we are not familiar with the registry and AUTORUN files.
2. Scan the removable storage media by certain antivirus software
whenever it is plugged into a computer. However, antivirus software is
always based on the database of signature and can't find new malicious
programs. What is more, scanning USB disk is time consuming.
3. Choose the software Removable Storage Guard to help you turn the
AUTORUN off and remove all the threats from your USB storage device
quickly and exactly by its new technology. You needn't worry about
threats from USB storage as soon as you install the software.
You can find the software on
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#1 zhengshareware
21/07/2007 - 09:26 | Informe spam
Many people around us got infected with USB disk in this way, but
antivirus software (Norton Kaspersky) is not able to kill new viruses
on USB memory disk. The original purpose of developing the software is
to help them. You can try it without doing any harm to your computer.
If the software is useless to you, you can uninstall it. If you don't
believe in us, these are some articles online.,00.html,00.html,00.html,00.html

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