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Quisiera saber porque en el Outloouk 2000 no se pueden crear correos HTTP


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Choose the best Outlook message format for a recipient

Choose the best Outlook message format for a recipient Help
Assistance > Office 2000 > Outlook 2000 > E-mail > Creating

Applies to
Microsoft Outlook® 2000

All e-mail programs are not alike, so you need to use a message
format that your recipient's program supports. The message format you choose
determines whether you can add formatted text, such as bold fonts, colored
fonts, and bullets, and whether you can add pictures to the message body.
However, just because you choose a message format that lets you add these
features doesn't mean the recipient will be able to see them. That's because
some e-mail programs don't support formatted messages or pictures. The
following information will help you decide which format to use depending on
the e-mail configuration you're using and the e-mail program of the person
you're sending messages to.

Types of message formats
Outlook 2000 offers three message formats:

a.. Plain text A message format that doesn't support text
formatting, such as bold, italic, or colored fonts. It also doesn't support
pictures displayed directly in the message body (although they can be
included as attachments). All e-mail programs can display plain text
messages accurately.
b.. HTML A message format that supports text formatting,
numbering, bullets, alignment, horizontal lines, pictures (including
backgrounds), HTML styles, and Web pages. You can also use stationery and
signatures with this format. All Web pages use HTML, as do most popular
e-mail programs, including Outlook 98, Outlook Express 4.0, Eudora 4.0, and
Netscape Messenger 4.0. To date, the America Online e-mail system does not.
c.. Rich Text Format (RTF) A Microsoft format that supports
text formatting, bullets, and alignment. You can also use signatures with
Outlook Rich Text. (If you're using Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor,
you must create the signature in Word.) Outlook Rich Text can be read only
by Microsoft Exchange Client versions 4.0 and 5.0, Outlook 97, Outlook 98,
and Outlook 2000. (Outlook Express cannot read RTF). In addition to
messages, Outlook meeting requests and task requests are sent in RTF format,

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Quisiera saber porque en el Outloouk 2000 no se pueden crear correos HTTP


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