Falta MSVCR80

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Falta MSVCR80.

Al instalar software para el raton y teclado, salta un aviso de que falta.
Impide que se pueda ejecutar este programa pero no importa.

Al parecer es un archivo que se require por Office 2007 en WXP.

Pero está en las dos siguientes ubicaciones:
version: 8.0.50727.762
version: 8.0.50727.42

En otro PC con W2K y Office2K lo veo en C:\WINDOWS\system32

¿Office 2007, lo necesita, está en su sitio?
¿Lo cojo y lo pego, qué version?

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#1 antoni
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#687, 2006-01-17 00:44:54, by:
Hello everyone, My name's Martyn Lovell, and I'm the development lead of the
team that produces msvcr80.dll [The Visual C++ Libraries team]. There are a
couple of things I'd like to clarify. First, let me be clear that NOONE
should download the file linked here, because it is a beta copy of the
software and not compatible with the final version that has now been
released. If you've already downloaded it, please delete it. Second, if
you've seen reports from Norton WinDoctor that you need this file, they are
wrong. It incorrectly reports that msvcr80 is missing when in fact it is
correctly installed in the WinSxS directly in the windows. folder. If you
own WinDoctor, you should report this bug to Symantec so that they get it
fixed. Do NOT copy the this file to any of the folders WinDoctor recommends.
If you've already attempted to take corrective action for this issue (by
copying msvcr80.dll or msvcr80d.dll to ...\system32 or to the .NET Framework
directory), please delete them. These files do not need to be copied around,
and doing so may cause problems in future. In future, if you think you need
a copy of this file, you should contact the publisher of the application
that says it needs it. msvcr80 is not distributed centrally by Microsoft,
but instead 'comes with' the applications you use. Most of you have probably
downloaded the .NET Framework 2.0 which includes msvcr80, but triggers the
false error report from Norton. Please feel free to contact me directly if
you have more questions, as I don't read this forum regularly. Martyn Lovell
Development Lead Visual C++ Libraries


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