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Help with documentation in Csharp

29/12/2006 - 19:33 por JC | Informe spam
I like your opinions about the best way of documenting the code in Csharp.

To my particularly I like the solution given in VST 2000 but that they
(Microsoft) removed of 2005.

That you think about Ndoc and others? What do you prefer for VS2005 and
.Net 2?


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#1 Peter Macej
29/12/2006 - 20:42 | Informe spam
What do you prefer for VS2005 and
.Net 2?

VSdocman. But I'm strongly biased :)

Peter Macej
Helixoft -
VSdocman - Commenter and generator of class documentation for C#, VB
.NET and ASP .NET code

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