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20/02/2008 - 09:26 por NOVENTA | Informe spam
Bunas, tengo un servidor de Terminal Server con un paquete de 15 licencias y
otro de 5, las dos por dispositivo. Hay licencias que las tinen cogidas
màquinas que ja no trabajan que me interesa pasarlas a otras que si traban
que ahora estan en temporales. ¿Como puedo liberar estas licencias?

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#1 Blasito
22/02/2008 - 20:41 | Informe spam
Mira tienes 2 opciones:

1. Desinstalar el Terminal Server y sus licencias y volver a instalar
y comenzar a agregar las licencias de los Pc's que quieres usuar.

2. Las Licencias de TS tiene un periodo de vencimiento que van de 52 a
90 dias si no se usan, asi que podrias esperar a que este periodo

Mas informacion:

Aqui te pego la informacion:

: How can I revoke an issued license to make it available for a new
Last modified: June 17, 2007

A: You can't do this, and it shouldn't be necessary either.

TS CALs have an expiration date of 52-89 days after issueing. Licenses
that are not used (because the client does not connect to the TS
anymore) will automatically be returned to the LS after the expiration
date. In the meantime, your new clients will get a temporary TS CAL,
which is valid for 90 days.

Note that these time periods are choosen to make sure that your
temporary license lasts long enough for the old license to become
available again. So replacing one client with another can never cause
you to run out of TS CALs.
If you are reaching the end of the 90 day temporary license period
without having TS CALs available, it means that you have been
connecting with more clients than you have licenses and you have to
buy extra TS CALs.

On Windows Server 2008, it is possible to manually revoke up to 20% of
your Per Device TS CALs, as described here.
But it's still not technically necessary, since the automatic
expiration-renewal mechanism is the same as on Windows 2003.

Ing. Bladimir Silva T

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