Not enough server storage is available to process this command

06/04/2006 - 20:35 por Tom Penharston | Informe spam
I have an Active Directory domain in 2000 native mode. I run all
managment tasks from a DC with Server 2003 Standard Edition. From
Active Directory Users and Computers I attempt to manage a few random
clients each day to verify the secure channel.

When I try to manage a client there are two possibilities (1) The
computer management snap-in will appear immediately if the secure
channel is okay, or (2) The machine is turned-off, disconnected from
the network, or remote connections disabled - resulting in a long delay
and an error dialog, followed by an empty msc window.

Today I have a third possiblity, (3) an error dialog immediately

Computer \\computername cannot be managed. Not enough server storage
is available to process this command. Choose connect to another
computer from the action menu to manage a different computer.

After researching this message, I find that it is only documented for
Windows NT:

Two of my XP clients are displaying this message. I'm not too worried
about the XP clients, because I can re-image the boxes.

In the long run I just want to know why I'm getting NT error messages
from administering XP on 2003. Are NT messages still fair game? For
Active Directory? For WMI?

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#1 Paul Williams [MVP]
06/04/2006 - 21:00 | Informe spam
Good question. I've seen this issue on some of our older-hardware server
systems -I don't manage clients and can't remember seeing this back when I
did. Rebooting usually sorts it out. The question is why? What is causing
it? Too be honest, I can't remember what the problems were caused by, or in
the past I've been too busy to care. There are a lot of things that can
cause such things. I've simply rebooted, adjusted the page size and checked
the event logs.

Paul Williams
Microsoft MVP - Windows Server - Directory Services |

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