Número de error: 0x800cccOd).

24/04/2005 - 19:04 por victoria | Informe spam
al actualizar micrsoft 2000 profesional ya no me deja entegar ni recibir
mensajes y me da ese error

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#1 Luis Guillermo
26/04/2005 - 03:59 | Informe spam
I get this error message 0X800ccc0D in Outlook/Outlook Express.


The reason you are unable to connect to the server could be one of the
following common causes. Some of these might be trivial and may not be
applicable to you, but we are just including them for the sake of

1. The eNetBot Mail program is not running. In this case, you will not see
the eNetBot Mail icon in the system tray. [The remedy is to start eNetBot
Mail and try checking for mail]

2. The eNetBot Mail program is running but is stuck due to some error that
prevents it from servicing further requests. In this case, the eNetBot Mail
icon will be seen in the system tray, but with no action in the status
messages for a long time.[The remedy is to shutdown eNetBot Mail and start it

3. The trial for the program has expired and the program has not been
unlocked properly. To verify this, double click on the eNetBot Mail icon in
the system tray and click on the "About" tab in the window that appears. The
"This product is licensed to" tag should have your screen name (or a
truncated version of it) below it and not "eNetBot Mail trial expired" -
[Remedy: If you see the trial expired message,please try unlocking the
program again, and restart eNetBot Mail]

4. The Host name setup on your PC is not setup properly for eNetBot Mail.
[The remedy for this would be to change aol.enetbot.com to in your
settings, do the following steps]

For Outlook the settings are:

1. Tools menu >> Accounts...
2. Select account
3. properties button
4. servers tab
5. POP3 server is and
6. SMTP server is
7. Close the window

5. There was a problem for the eNetBot Mail server to initialize properly
and there is a initialization error message in the status tab of eNetBot
Mail. [Please goto the eNetBot control panel :

1. View menu in eNetBot
2. Error messages option
3. Check if the error messages window that appears has
any error messages listed.

Please send us the error messages listed in the window.

6. There are some errors in the mail program settings - check the settings
in your mail program.

Please go through the above list and see if any of the suggestions
resolve your problem.

"victoria" escribió:

al actualizar micrsoft 2000 profesional ya no me deja entegar ni recibir
mensajes y me da ese error

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