[OPPORTUNITY] Looking for a partner for program localization in spanish

06/10/2005 - 14:07 por Patrick Philippot | Informe spam

PC TimeWatch is currently available in french and english. See

I want to provide additional localized versions of the software, one of
the most urgent ones being the spanish version. A toolkit is currently
available from my site. It contains all the stuff necessary to produce
a localized version of PCTW:

If you are interested in participating in the production of a spanish
version of PCTW, here's my proposal (it is assumed that spanish is your
mother language):

1. You download the toolkit and produce the localized materials. It's
not a one hour job. You have to translate the help file which is of
"reasonable" size. Consistency between the help file and the program
menus and dialogs must be ensured (although I can take charge of this
for spanish).

2. You send me these materials, I review the translation (I can read
spanish) and I incorporate the new language into the program package.

3. Of course, this work must be somehow compensated. First, the
translator will receive a free license key for the program. That's a
minimum. Then I offer 3 different and mutually exclusive solutions:

3.1 Preferred solution.
You become an affiliate as described on this page:
http://www.mainsoft.fr/en/pctwaffi.htm . As the translator of the
program, you would get a higher percentage on the sales than a regular
affiliate (30% instead of 20%). Also, the product and "buy now" pages on
MainSoft's site would have direct links to your own pages for spanish
speaking users.

Or you could also translate these pages (I would send you the source
code) and I would incorporate these pages into my site. The "buy now"
links on my web site in the software would use your affiliate's
registration id for spanish speaking customers. In that case, the
percentage on sales would revert back to 20% since you wouldn't have to
setup and maintain your own pages (you would just have to translate and
then wait your Plimus or RegSoft account to be credited).

In both cases, you would have to provide additional translations when
new versions are released (usually just a few sentences or new character
strings to translate). Not a big deal until a new major version is

You have a product that you would like to translate into french. In that
case, I could do the job for you for free (provided the program and
documentation that you want to translate are about the same size as

You want to receive a one time fee for the translation. I can accept
this but since I want to translate into many languages, I will not be
able to pay very much for each translation. Solution #1 would be much
more rewarding on the long term (at least I hope so ).

If you are interested please get in touch with me by email. Contact
information is available here: http://www.mainsoft.fr/en/contact.htm .

Thanks for your time.

Best regards.

Patrick Philippot - Microsoft MVP
MainSoft Consulting Services

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#1 Patrick Philippot
09/10/2005 - 16:05 | Informe spam
I have found a partner. Thanks.

Patrick Philippot - Microsoft MVP
MainSoft Consulting Services

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