Trucos Empire Earth

20/01/2005 - 21:18 por Alejandro FV. | Informe spam
hola a todos, mi hijo tiene este juego y me pidio trucos pero en modo
campaña (¿?), si alguien tiene algun dato... chas gracias...

Alejandro FV.

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#1 g3o
21/01/2005 - 15:24 | Informe spam
Hola aqui te van algunos cheatz para ese juego, espero tu hijo disfrute
jugando.. saludos.

my name is methos - All resources and reveal map
boston food sucks - Get 1000 food
atm - Get 1000 gold
you said wood - Get 1000 wood
rock&roll - Get 1000 rock
creatine - Get 1000 iron
all your base are belong to us - Get 100,000 of everything
the quotable patella - All Units Upgraded
i have the power - Magic/Power to Full
asus drivers - Reveal map
somebody set up us the bomb - Win game
ahhhcool - Lose game
display cheat - Print all cheats to screen
the big dig - Lose all resources
boston rent - Lose all gold
uh, smoke? - Lose all wood
headshot - Remove all objects from map
brainstorm - Fast Build
columbus - See Fish and Animals
friendly skies - Aircraft Flight Time Refilled
slimfast - Lose All Food
mine your own buisness - Lose All Stone
girlyman - Lose All Iron
coffee train - Restores Health of All Player Units

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