unwanted characters seen on the screen

15/09/2006 - 10:58 por Sujai | Informe spam

I recently re-installed WinXP home edition using the Recovery CDs. I
had also installed
a few gaming softwares. After a few days of the installation, strangely
"\" characters are
getting typed on the screen without my intervention. I have Norton
Anitvirus software
along with the latest virus definition files. Even a Full Scan of the
harddisk did not reveal
any virus.. Any suggestions would be appreciated...


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#1 Alejandro Medinilla elMedex
16/09/2006 - 02:25 | Informe spam
that's weird man maybe its just a problem with your keyboard and i don't
recomend using norton averybody says its slow and ineficient try using nod32
or the panda antivirus online the second one is free if you usit online

Alejandro Medinilla "elMedex"

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