[[*]] Windows Vista crack is actually a trojan

05/12/2006 - 14:52 por JM Tella Llop [MVP Windows] | Informe spam
Malware makers are starting to take advantage of the number of users
searching for cracks for the pirated copies of Vista floating around.

A new download has started circulating around the crack boards called
"Windows Vista All Versions Activation 21.11.06". It purports to be an
activation crack for any version of Vista.

However, the file is actually a trojan-carrier which will install
Trojan-PSW.Win32.LdPinch.aze onto your PC.

BitTorrent users who posted reviews of the crack said that a number of
antivirus programs detected the malware, though Norton AntiVirus and NOD32
did not.

In an interview about the Windows Vista installation process, and the ease
with which administrators can pre-install software into a Vista install DVD,
Microsoft Australia's John Pritchard warned that pirated copies of Vista
could easily come with malware preinstalled.

"I would certainly recommend when people are looking at any content they
make sure they have the approved and hologrammed DVDs to make sure they're
dealing with the genuine product, to get away from not knowing where the
source comes from. If they have control of the unattended installation and
built it themselves then hopefully they know what they are putting on it."


Jose Manuel Tella Llop
MVP - Windows
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#1 Pedro
05/12/2006 - 22:17 | Informe spam
A ver si haces lo mismo por cada nuevo virus que se instale aprovechando
algun fallo de windows.

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