it would like to more gain U$15000 or for only U$6????

13/12/2005 - 22:51 por Rober | Informe spam
Please, it reads this text to understand,
he is very easy same! IT MULTIPLIES ITS MONEY: It more than
transforms R$ 6,00 into R$ 15.000,00. Little time behind, I was
looking at messages in fóruns (or newsgroup), that nor you are making
now, and you found an article similar to that said I could make
thousand of Reals inside of weeks with alone initial investment of
R$6,00! The text said I to send R$1,00 to each one of the 6 names with
addresses declared in the article. After made this, to place my proper
name in the position #6 of the list, and to order the article for at
least 200 fóruns or newsgroup. (thousands Exist) Nothing more, this
and you would only gain much money. I arrived at the conclusion: what
I have to lose 6 stamps and R$6,00 outside? I always spend this when I
go in shopping to lanchar. Then I ordered worthless the R$6,00. Well,
I GUESS... Inside of 7 days, I started to receive money for the post
office! I was shocked! In my first week, I approximately received
R$57,00. To the end from the third week I had made a total of more than
R$1.700,00! In the sixth week I had more than R$9,000.00 and I
continue arriving. I with certainty already spent much more in the
lottery and I never received something equal! It leaves to speak to me
to it as this functions and most important, Why it functions... It
prints a copy of this article NOW, thus you can read the information of
new later when needing. I promise it that if you to follow the
directions in the way as is said, you soon he will start to gain more
money of that you thought to be possible making something so easy! He
sees: (SUGGESTION: It reads this entire message carefully! (it
prints and it saves). It follows the instructions and it sees the
money to enter! It is easy. It is legal. E, its investment R$6,00 is
alone (More post office). IMPORTANT: This is not a blow, is not
indecent, it is not illegal and he is free 99% of risk - It functions!
If all the following instructions will be fulfilled, you will receive
incredible amount of money. PLEASE IT GIVES ATTENTION: Please it
follows these directions ACCURATELY, and R$10.000 or more can be its in
20 the 60 days. This program remains prosperous because of the HONESTY
and INTEGRITY of the participants. Please it continues making with
that the program is a success adhering carefully to the instructions.
Here they are the 4 easy steps for you if to give well: STAGE 1: It
acquires 6 notes of R$1,00 involves them with a dark paper to prevent
that somebody that sees the note does not violate the envelope stealing
the money. Later, it puts each one of them in its respective envelope
and the sealing wax. You must have 6 sealed up envelopes now, with a
note of R$1,00. He sends then an envelope for each one of the list
that follows:
#1)Renato K.I.Guimarães Rua: 13 de Maio, nº1366, apto. 133 Bela
Vista, São Paulo - SP Cep: 01327-002
# 2) Adelvar G. Hoquenhales de Escoviski - Rua: Pablo Zanota da Cruz,
261 - COHAB Fragata , Pelotas - Rio Grande Do Sul - Cep: 96050-000
#3) Patrícia Brazil di Motta - Rua: Pereira da Silva, 65- apto. 302 -
Icaraí - Niterói - RIO DE JANEIRO Cep: 24220-030 Brazil
# 4) Adalberto V. de Araújo Júnior - Av. Senador Lemos, Passagem
Cabedelo nº 54 - Sacramenta CEP 66.120-320 - Belém - Pará
#5)Rogerio Piontkoski - Rua: Julio de Castilhos, 609, Sananduva, Rio
Grande Do Sul, cep 99840-000 and
# 6) Roberval Dos Santos - R. Germânia, 317 Pq. Novo Oratorio - Santo
André - Cep. 09260-250 - SP .
STAGE 2: Now #1 of the list takes off the name and raises the others
(2 if become 1, 3 if it becomes 2, 4 if it becomes 3, 5 if it becomes
4, 6 if become 5 NOW and ITS IN # 6) and places ITS Name with address
as number 6 in the list. STAGE 3: It tries to keep its message the
most seemed possible, with this. Now, pole its article modified (or
this mine exactly) for at least 200 fóruns or newsgroup (the UOL says
that in its homepage 20,000 newsgroup exist more than, inquires back in
the part of fórum if you not to know) everything that you need is 200,
but it remembers, the more you to order, more money you will earn! The
best way to postar is to place as heading, being visible for all, the
6,000.00 and for the content, it selects its text in the note block or
wordpad places to copy and later in the message being sent for fóruns
and newgroups it places glue. It is not simple! That is perfectly
legal! It looks at this in this way. If you he will be honest, the
program will continue and the money that as much others had received
will also come to you, due to its contribution with only R$6,00. NOTE:
You can want to keep to all the names and addresses of people who had
sent money you in a computer or copy in the notebook and to keep
tickets sent. Thus, each time that this message is saved and the
directions is followed carefully, will be reimbursed six partners for
the participation of them as Contributing in the List with a Real each.
Its name will go up in the list to each remittance of form that when
its name to reach #1 position you already will have received thousand
NEWSGROUP: Stage 1) NOT NECESSARY YOU TO TYPE this letter entire to
make its proper message again. Simply it puts its cursor in the start
of this letter and drags its cursor for the deep one of this document,
and selects to copy of the menu to edit. This will copy the entire
letter in the memory of the computer. Stage 2) Abra the note block or
something seemed and choice in the menu To edit the option glue. This
will make the message to appear. Stage 3) Salve the archive with a
name that you to choose and that it is texto(.txt) Stage 4) Use
Netscape, InterNet Explorer or some another navigator and looks some
newsgroup (fóruns on-lines, notebooks of messages, places of colloquy,
quarrels), makes a simple research and already thousands will appear of
fóruns. Stage 5) Between in these newsgroup and pole a new message in
each MURAL, AREA or SUBJECT. It places the cursor in the beginning of
this message in its computer and drags until the end of the document
and selects to copy in the menu To edit. In the part of the text to be
typed for the message that goes to be sent for the newsgroup click with
the right button of mouse in the field with the space to be filled and
it places glue. As Subject or heading, it places something that calls
the attention as mine or invents something similar. It sends the
message and ready, you it finished to send its first message!
Congratulations... Everything that you have that to make she is to go
to others YOU WALL (subjects, areas, etc.) e to make of new the
possible maximum (200 minimum), * Remembers, THE MORE MESSAGES YOU TO
BUT YOU HAVE THAT POSTAR a MINIMUM OF 200 * Pessimistically we go to
say that of the 200 messages that I send, let us say that I only
receive 5 answers (a very low example). Then I will receive R$5,00
with my name in the position #6 in the letter. Now, each one of the 5
people whom has little had sent I R$1,00 sends more MINIMUM 200
messages for other different places, each one with my name now in the
position #5 and alone 5 people answer to each one of these 5 people (30
people had honest participated of a total of 1200 messages for some
people, a very low example exactly), this are more R$25,00 for me, now
these 25 make each one 200 MINIMUM ranks with my name in the position
#4 and alone 5 answer for each one of the 25 that they had sent, I will
receive then more R$125,00! Now, these 125 people postam MINIMUM 200
with my name in the position #3 and alone 5 answer each, I will gain
more R$626,00! OK, now is the amused part here, each of these 625
people postam for a MINIMUM 200 different newsgroup with my name in the
position #2 and each one only receives 5 returns. This relieves me
more R$3.125,00! These 3,125 people also go to order messages the 200
newsgroup with my name in the position #1 and if still 5 people of the
200 newsgroup of face react I will receive $15.625,00! With an
original investment of alone R$6,00! Incredible! When its name leaves
the list you only needs to send more R$6.00 and to more place its name
in position 6 of a new message and ece of fish 200 messages again.
What they are six Reals today when has much more possibility of really
functioning. Which the possibilities of this to happen when millions
of honest people as you are if joining to this group? They is esteem
that it enters 20.000 and 50.000 new people if they join every day to
the InterNet and goes for chats and newsgroup! One remembers, it acts
HONEST and this really will function. THE MORE MESSAGES YOU TO SEND,
MORE MONEY YOU WILL EARN! *** GOOD honest LUCK *** Either and makes as
is here, after all all has right to earn, is not! If it does not scare
if you to see others of these messages in the InterNet, therefore they
had not reached nor 1% of fóruns that it exists in the present time.
Attention! If you it will not be of Brazil, remembers that the value
of the Dollar in relation to the "Real", currency would brasileria is
equivalent: U$1,00 = R$2,30

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#1 Rober
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sim o q devo fazer

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