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Black as default background for ALL messages
Hello, how do I set black as default background for ALL mail messages? I have tried with black stationery, and this works for New messages, but when I want to send a picture and I click to "send via e-mail" it creates a message with the ...
Mensaje publicado en el 26/11/2004 - 16:09
Problem with Internet Explorer 6.0 when entering my account on www.blogger.com
I have the following problem.. I edited my CSS style sheet on blogger.com with the code (look in /****** BEGIN CODE ****/) And on Internet Explorer 6.0, it doesnt display and crashing with the following message displayed on Event Viewer: ...
Mensaje publicado en el 23/08/2006 - 05:32
[KB] Outlook Express: 30/06/2004
Outlook Express 216366 OLEXP: How to Download Internet Mail Messages in Outlook Express Multiple Times http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;216366 245305 OLEXP: You Cannot Start Internet Mail After You Uninstall Outlook Express ...
Mensaje publicado en el 01/07/2004 - 00:03
[seguridad]. Potencialmente muy peligroso.
= Process Killing - Playing with PostThreadMessage = brett.moore@security-assessment.com = http://www.security-assessment.com = Originally posted: October 02, 2003 == Background = While continuing our research into shatter attacks, we turned our ...
Mensaje publicado en el 03/10/2003 - 15:58
How to programmatically upload to SharePoint 2003.
The main problem is how to perform an upload programmatically to Sharepoint 2003 from an external application. Three approaches have been tested with their respective problems: - AddAttachment web service. There's no way to get the ListItemId ...
Mensaje publicado en el 30/04/2004 - 21:52