Clicking on Link to .MPG File Will Not Open It Automatically

30/11/2005 - 06:12 por z_q-g.-u | Informe spam
Running IE 6.0 under WIN2000. In the past if I clicked on link to an
.mpg file the file would automatically download and launch. Now all of

a sudden I get "Page Cannot be Displayed" messages. I cannot right
click and open it or open it in another window. However, I can do a
"Save As" to my hard drive and open the file there.

There is not a problem if I do this under Netscape, so I am guessing it

is not a Norton Web Security issue and that it is probably an IE issue.

One of the recent security upgrades or did I screw up something?

An added piece of information. The first time I click the link it
takes me to the cannot be displayed page. If I backup to the original
site and then click the link again I stay on the same page.

Any ideas on how to set this right; i.e., so that when I click on the
link the file downloads and opens?

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#1 z_q-g.-u
30/11/2005 - 19:40 | Informe spam
Dumb dumb forgot that he (I) had the same problem one year ago.
Somehow WMP got corrupted when I installed some other program that
tried to take over the WMP functions. Anyhow, uninstall and reinstall
of WMP has corrected the problem.

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