firewall problem

26/06/2007 - 21:12 por carlos aem | Informe spam
My windows did work fine, but yesterday the firewall stop and don't i can
activate. The msn can't run. I can run internet explorer. but when i try to
run firewall, send me to try run manually, but dont work too. I check my
computer and dont have virus, spyware, etc. I dont know what can i do.

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#1 Jelperu
26/06/2007 - 22:07 | Informe spam
Run wf.msc (start - run) and check inbound and outbound connections (right
click in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer and then
Properties) . You'll need elevate privilegies in UAC, Inbound should be in
"Allow (Default)"

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