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06/04/2005 - 08:15 por Yupi | Informe spam
I'm being using the spanish dictionary available at Word since versions 98 to
XP using all spanish kind available (Traditional sort, Spain, international,
mexican, etc) and in all cases it recognizes the adjective "alimentaria" as
WRONG (and proposes "alimentaría" with an accent.
It seems is a confusion because that word can function as adjective and as
verb. So I tried all ways of statements and even for known phrases as "las
industrias alimentarias" the word "alimentarias" is flaged as WRONG.
This is explained by the Language Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy

All above was just and example. The fact is that personalizing the
dictionary is not worth, because everywhere I go, every PC, portable I use,
every time I travel, etc is the same fkg problem. Office and Word has grown
very fast this last decade but their dictionaries' accuracies are the same,
not evolved at all.

J Yupanqui

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#1 fermu
06/04/2005 - 18:27 | Informe spam
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Que le vamos a hacer... la unica solucion que yo le veo al tema, es
agregar la palabra "alimentarias" directamente al diccionario,
personalizandolo de este modo... total, poco trabajo te cuesta, no
obstante, puedes hacer tus sugerencias en las instancias adecuadas... :-)

Fernando M. / Registered Linux User #367696

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