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***eBay to Retire Microsoft Passport Sign In and .NET Alerts***
Date: 12/29/04 Time: 11:56:02 AM PST

In late January, we will no longer support the ability for members to
sign in to eBay through Microsoft Passport. This means that members
currently using this service will have to sign in through eBay
directly. Once this takes place, the Microsoft Passport button that is
currently displayed on Sign In pages will be replaced with links to a
page with more information, including Help in case you cannot remember
your User ID or password.

As part of this change, we will also discontinue sending eBay
Notifications through Microsoft .NET alerts. If you would like to keep
receiving eBay alerts on your wireless phone or desktop, we recommend
using the following methods:

* eBay Wireless Alerts - You can sign up to receive eBay alerts on
your mobile phone, pager or PDA when you have won an item, or you are
no longer the high bidder. To sign up for this free service:

o Click on My eBay at the top of almost any eBay page.
o Click on eBay Preferences, under the My Account section on the
left-hand side.
o Click on the “View/Change” link to the right of Notification
o Click the “Add or change notification services” link, and then
“Subscribe” next to eBay Wireless Email

* eBay Toolbar - You can download eBay Toolbar if you would like to
receive eBay alerts on your desktop for when an item you are watching
or bidding on is about to end, or when you are no longer the high
bidder for an item. To download the free Toolbar, go to

* Certified eBay Solutions - You can browse through the products and
services provided by eBay and third-party developers in the eBay
Solutions Directory available at http://solutions.ebay.com. Solutions
for listing monitoring and wireless devices are currently available.
The solution details page for each application contains a description
and pricing details.


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