Networking with Windows Vista Basic

28/12/2008 - 23:41 por Augusto | Informe spam
I am located in Latin America, and acquired my computers here
I just bought 2 laptops with Windows Vista Basic on them, I have tried
everything I can find on the book to put them to work on the net.
They connect just fine to internet
I can see both computers on the map
They are placed on the same workgroups
File and printer sharing is active on the Net and resource sharing Center
but there is no way I can share folders or printers.
Is it possible that you can not share files or printers with Windows Vista
Home Basic?

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#1 Héctor
02/01/2009 - 02:40 | Informe spam
Do you have a firewall? Perhaps the firewall configuration is locking the
connection used to share files / printers.

Is your network configured as "private"? If it's configured as "Public",
you'll not be able to share files/printers or "see" the PC on the network
(the PC still cloaked in a public network). You can check it out on the
network center in the control panel.

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