No abre el IExplorer 6 código oculto de java ++

18/08/2005 - 18:57 por Juan Manuel | Informe spam
Hola, tenemos un desarrollo en java ++ versión 6.
Se abre el archivo HTM y después se ejecuta el código oculto.

<BODY bgColor=appworkspace>
<OBJECT id=OBJECT1 width=0 height=0

Estoy utilizando la máquina virtual de java de microsoft. La aplicación se
ejecuta en una Intranet.

Al instalar la actualización de seguridad acumulativa para Internet Explorer
(896727) ya no ejecuta el código oculto, si desinstalo la actualización
vuelva a funcionar la aplicación.

Cómo se puede resolver esté problema?


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#1 Juan Manuel
19/08/2005 - 00:59 | Informe spam
No soy el único.

Asunto: cab file delivery failing recently 16/08/2005 13:56 hora del

De: walter De:

Since a few days this is driving me crazy :

I have a site that delivers a CAB file containing some DHTML code via an
OBJECT tag. The CAB file is signed with Verisign. This is working allright
for many years now :

<OBJECT height=1 id=myid width=1 ...


<PARAM NAMEÊBBASE VALUE="MyClient.CAB#Version=1,2,3,4">


This HTML file nor the CAB file have been modified for 3 years. And now,
since a few days, with some of my clients their Internet Explorer fails to
deliver the CAB file. Actually, IIS on the server does not receive any
request for the CAB file, whereas for the clients where the code works fine,
IIS nicely logs their CAB file request.

I suspect that some recent Windows Update has broken the delivery mechanism
for the CAB file, and that the problem appears when the user cleaned up his
Temporary internet files, so that a fresh download of the CAB file is

I tried to alter the version number from 1,2,3,4, or set it to -1,-1,-1,-1,
or to remove the version alltogether.

(sorry for cross-posting, but this is driving me crazy)

Any suggestion ? Any clue ?

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