Hacking Windows XP: Speed Up Your Network and Internet Access

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Hacking Windows XP: Speed Up Your Network and Internet Access
By Steve Sinchak

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This excerpt from the ExtremeTech book, Hacking Windows XP, shows you
how to tweak the Windows XP System Registry settings to improve
network and Internet speed.

The speed of your network connection doesn't just depend on the speed
of your hardware. Windows is an operating system that is designed to
work on a variety of different hardware and network setups. Because of
the abstract nature of the operating system, it cannot be optimized
for user-specific hardware setups.

Depending on the type of network connection you have, you might be
able to tweak your connection so that the speed of your Internet, as
well as your local area network, will be faster. By hacking the System
Registry and editing the TCP/IP parameters, you can fine-tune the
values to take advantage of more reliable, faster Internet
connections, such as DSL and cable.

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Using third-party speeder tool:

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