[INFO] Desconexión de los Grupos de Noticias Públicos de Microsoft

30/04/2010 - 16:49 por Ivan | Informe spam
Copio aqui un mensaje de Enrique Cortés (MVP) en el grupo de IE6:


The purpose of this communication is to inform you of our plan to strengthen our technical community and provide a long-term community value to our users, via the migration of Microsoft NNTP public newsgroups to web-based Microsoft community forums. This forums plan has been in development and now it reached a phase where is worthy of your attention.

As a result of our continuous investment in community and the rise of social media, growth in our forums has been consistently increasing since its launch, as we are serving today more than 15M customer visits per month with an average growth of 12% month-over-month. Community participation in newsgroups has declined by 48% during this time, and trending looks to reflect this decline month-over-month.

Microsoft's goal is to unify on one approach so that all community users can receive maximum value from the knowledge created by community leaders such as yourself. This move will also eliminate the existing fragmented and disconnected experience resulting from the multiple platforms that are offered today. Users will also benefit from the personalization and discoverability of solutions that we can enable in the forums environment.

Over the past few years, Microsoft has invested in web-based forums technology to offer a richer and up-to-date online experience to our community which is fully-aligned with market trends. This facilitates the addressing of scenarios around discussions and Q&A as well as providing better integration with our product web properties.

The existing newsgroup platform (NNTP) is running on an outdated version of Microsoft Exchange that has reached its end-of-life and is no longer supported due to a business decision taken by Microsoft many years ago. This makes it impossible to enhance basic functionality, keep the platform secure and deliver a healthy experience for you and our communities.

Beginning in May 2010, Microsoft will begin announcing the progressive discontinuance of public newsgroups and start inviting users to use the Microsoft forums that include Microsoft Answers, TechNet and MSDN. This move will add substantial benefits for the whole community such as: centralized searchable content, the improved ability for top contributors (like yourself) to retain their influence, the reduction of redundancies, making content easier to find, better indexing and advanced moderation capabilities (including offline accessibility). Overall, forums offer a better spam and user management platform that will improve customer satisfaction by ensuring a healthy discussion space and minimizing the effect of spam, trolls, off-topic messages, synchronization, etc.

Enrique Cortés
Microsoft MVP - Windows Internet Explorer


Para quienes no menejen ingles, basicamente se informa del cierre de estos grupos a partir del mes de mayo debido entre otras razones a que corren en una version de Exchange ya descontinuada y sin soporte, las nuevas versiones de Exchange no manejan grupos NNTP. Se invita a los usuarios a cambiar a los grupos Web de Microsoft:




Saludos cordiales. Ivan

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#1 langosta
30/04/2010 - 20:54 | Informe spam
En general, la política de los administradores de news pareciera ser la
de no dar de baja la jerarquía. Por tanto, la salida del servidor de
microsoft no debería tener el menor efecto: basta con pasarse a otro
servidor y continuar con el grupo como si nada. Es más, hasta podrían
crearse nuevos grupos, si alguien se anima...

Además, si se trata de una medida sanitaria, basta con desconectarse de
USENET. Borland.public.* ya no corre sobre newsgroups.borland.com, pero
Embarcadero tiene su interfaz de foros web y los muestra también como
grupos nntp en un servidor privado (news://forums.codegear.com).

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