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07/11/2004 - 02:36 por Bernardo Lira | Informe spam
Hi all.

I have a small network, composed by 2 computers: the first runs Windows ME
and connects to the Web via an USB-DSL modem (works fine). A network adapter
(well installed) wires to the second computer, which runs Windows XP (with a
well installed network adapter). In the ME, I have installed "ICS" (well
installed). Here is the configuration for the machines:

XP: IP (gateway and DNS1 is
Both: Workgroup "MSHOME".

Ping works ok.

The main problem is that, altough I can ping each other, they are not seen
in the Windows Explorer (network). And (the worst) I can NOT connect to
Internet from the XP (client) machine.

When trying to install "ICS" in the XP, I can see nothing new appears in the
configuration dialogs (for the network settings)... I suppose I should have
any new configuration knobs (named "ICS" or so).

If you can help me, please drop some lines to figure out how to solve this
problem I have.

Thanks in advance,

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#1 Ramón Sola [MVP Windows Client]
07/11/2004 - 02:50 | Informe spam
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En español, por favor.

Ramón Sola @ Málaga (España) / MVP Windows - Shell/User
(quitar "IFeelGreat")

"Bernardo Lira" <Bernardo escribió en el
mensaje news:
Hi all.


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